60% travelers prefer online booking for hotels. Do you have this facility for your hotel?

“In this internet age, online booking in the travel industry is transforming rapidly with more and more people booking online. Due to the technological improvements and digital tools, most of the customers consider web as the main source for research of travel deals and reviews, including hotels. The booking pattern of each individual customer may be affected by many factors like prior experience, convenience, recommendation or hotel reviews. As much as 90% of customers state that their purchase decisions are driven by positive reviews provided online.

What are the benefits of having an online booking system?

“Calling an agent is slowly becoming an outdated method of booking. It poses many restrictions as compared to an online booking system. Online booking system is:

  • Available 24 x 7
  • Saves valuable time and cuts costs
  • No third party involvement
  • Opportunity to make deals visible to global audience
  • Instant sales closure
  • Reliable & efficient
  • Keeps you ahead of your competitors

What is 4D Hotel Booking Software?

This cutting-edge technology from Bookon4d works on various models that suits your needs. It is a web based system that does not require any investment on additional hardware.

Through an online PMS system and channel manager, Bookon4d provides power packed features to reduce your administrative costs. It takes care of your booking details, reports to assess the areas which can be improved, maintain seasonal rates, offers / discounts, advertisements, additional facilities, email marketing tool and many more functionalities.

Will it increase my bookings online?

By removing third party involvement, the system simplifies your booking process and allows your website visitors to take decisions to book your hotel rooms instantly. Having facility to manage your own offers and discounts periodically ensures regular customers know about such offers. The booking engine and channel manager also helps gain new customers.

What are the features available with 4D - hotel booking software?

  • Online booking plug-in
  • Channel management
  • Dashboard management
  • Inventory management
  • Manage rate plans
  • CRM tools
  • Marketing tools
  • Reports
  • and many other functionalities

Want to know more? Book a “no obligation, free trial” with us. Our experts are happy to help you.

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