Hotel Marketing Strategies, Promotion Ideas & Tips

Effective hotel management needs the implementation of various hotel marketing strategies. Hotel industry faces new problems and increased competition due to the rising demand in travel and tourism sector. The worldwide hotel industry revenue is on the rise because of the improvement in tourism industry. Effective policies should be in place to meet your expectations and sales. 

According to a recent survey, the most common problems in the hotel industry are,

1. Location
2. Improper management
3. Poor marketing / branding
4. Poor customer support & accounting

Before planning the marketing strategies, a hotel owner needs to be clear about the following things.

1. Competitors
2. Area of speciality
3. Products and services
4. Target audience
5. Strength and weakness

You should have persuading answers within reach for these inquiries. At exactly that point you would be able to start drafting exact objectives for your advertising procedure. Those objectives must be detailed in a manner that they are unquestionable and controllable. Here, we have provided the strategies, ideas and tips to improve your hotel business revenue.

Hotel Marketing Strategies & Promotion Ideas

Customer satisfaction:

The persons who get accommodation at your hotel should have a pleasant stay. Make sure your hotel has spacious rooms and hygienic environment. Train your staff on improving customer service. The management staffs need to address all the customer complaints quickly. Monitor, analyze and get regular reports about the customer service. Good hotel management should provide the expected services and even give some extra options to the end-users.

Reach your target audience:

Proper identification of your target audience can help in boosting up the revenue. There are various online tools such as Google analytics, Facebook Insights and Twitter insights, which can help in extracting the analytics data. Know about all types of persons who visit your hotel and purpose of their visits. Target your marketing campaign (either online or offline) for the specific area, so that you can be more focused in your selection.

Utilize digital marketing techniques:

As the world is moving rapidly from the documentary stuffs to digital things, hotel business should mainly target the digital marketing tactics. In the digital age, online marketing must be a part of hospitality marketing and it goes without saying that every hotel or restaurant needs to have a high quality website – preferably with an online booking system. Digital marketing techniques such as SEO, PPC, social media marketing and mobile marketing can help in getting the desired output (sales).

Get positive feedback and online reviews:

Most of the online users book hotel rooms based on the user reviews, feedbacks, price comparison data and ratings. According to Trip Advisor website, More than 80 percent say the site's reviews help them feel more confident in their travel decisions, and help them to have a better trip.

Engage in social media:

Social media engagement such as Facebook Group postings, twitter tweets, social media paid ads drive very high numbers of traffic to your website landing page. It is better to engage in the social media promotions on a daily basis to create brand awareness.

Hotel management automation:

Avoid time consuming manual procedures such as documentation, spreadsheet reports, etc... Utilize the online hotel management software, which helps in reducing the workload and headcounts. Hotel management software comes with lots of benefits such as online booking system, accounting, OTA channel management and reports management. Hence the manual processes can be reduced considerably. 

Advertise with OTA websites:

Marketing your website in other online travel agency websites can be very helpful in getting leads. OTA websites are specially designed for travel booking purposes. Therefore your business page has a high chance of getting clicks from the partner web pages. Find out the most popular OTA web pages / online hotel search engines and list your business to get leads from the targeted location.

                                                       Source: Trip Advisor

Offer special packages & discounts:

Discounts, offers, attractive deals and packages induce the users to take necessary action (purchase / bookings) on your website. Offer discounts for extended stays & special package tickets to the local attractions that benefit current hotel guests. 

Promote your hotel through events:

If your hotel has the space, conduct various social events and entertainment programs. By conducting regular events, you can attract large group of audience.

Create network with larger companies:

Create a wide network (with corporate, travel agencies, tourist spots) to increase the hotel room occupancy and bookings. With proper networking efforts, your partner companies would refer your hotel business to their customers. Thus they can help you indirectly, to boost the revenue of your hotel. 


By following all the methods & strategies, a hotel business can double the profit and achieve high sales growth.

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