Is social media driving awareness or generating revenue for your hotel?

Social media presence is a must have for businesses to build brand visibility and to connect with 1.5 billion users on social media worldwide. Irrespective of the type of the business, companies need to understand how brands can take advantage of social media and add this as one of their sales channels.

The impact of social media in the travel industry, especially hotel industry, is becoming more pervasive. Popularity of sharing travel aspirations and experiences amongst users is one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness.

People look for social media presence and online reviews of hotels before they make decision. Uploading hotel images, videos and reviews gives them confidence to take immediate decision. Hotels can allow travellers to book their preferred rooms directly from Facebook page instead of navigating back to website for booking. This saves time and simplifies the booking process.

Benefits of social media presence

  • Social media is the fastest growing category for hotels in terms of attracting new customers. Let’s take Facebook, which has 890 million active daily users out of which 745 million are active mobile users. Incredibly, there are 1.35 million monthly active users as of 31st Dec 2014!

  • Through social media you can have a direct contact with your potential customers, understand their requirements and explain how you will meet their expectations.

Ways to promote your hotel rooms on social media

  • Offer special discounts to your followers

    You need to make sure your existing customers keep coming back and ensure they are your frequent buyers. Offer special discount for frequent buyers, or other attractive deals to encourage them to keep purchasing from you.

  • Give your customers reasons to follow you

    This is another way you can find new customers through social media. Give them a reason to follow you. Attract them with offers and make the booking easier so that they can grab the offers.

  • Keep your potential customers engaged

    Never be silent, your followers should hear from you once a day on social media.

  • Reviews

    Email your potential audience to request a review of their experience. Word of mouth is a great marketing tool and positive reviews on your website and social media can attract more customers.

How to start social media marketing?

  • Create an account in all the social media websites
  • Create a business page
  • Make sure online booking application is installed on your business page (Contact vendor for booking engines)
  • Update your hotels images and videos
  • Increase followers
  • Make regular posts on social media with various offers

To know more about social media marketing please talk to our social media expert

If you need a hotel booking engine for your website, book a demo with us.

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  • ZovianTechnologies

    2/9/2017 5:04:45 AM |

    Very effective information about hotels. social media marketing plays a very important role in hotel sectors because customers look for reviews before they visit to place.

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