New Technologies & Amenities in the Modern Hotel Rooms

Hotel is a highly-profitable business because it provides accommodation to various types of people such as travellers, tourists, business people, etc... Modern hotel rooms provide luxurious facilities for the customers. Technology plays an important role in luxuriousness. If the modern amenities are not available in your hotel, it is just a boring place for international tourists and business travellers. By implementing new technologies and facilities in your hotel, you can target diversified customers. Here, we have provided the list of latest technology developments and amenities in the modern hotel rooms.

Light sensors:
Light sensors help in reducing power consumption.  It can detect the human presence automatically and switch off the lights when the room is vacant. Motion sensors can eradicate the maintenance work load of hotel employees.

light sensors in hotels

Smart thermostats:

When the rooms are vacant, energy management thermostats adjust the temperature automatically to prevent from unnecessary cooling and heating. When the guests are available in room, thermostat gets switched on automatically. Modern thermostats have smart phone control facility, which allows the guests to operate thermostat from their smart phone devices.
smart thermostats in hotels

NFC technology:
NFC (near field communication) technology would play an important role in hotel industry. Consumers can transact the money and connect to other devices easily. You can transfer the information to other devices with a simple tap. In hotels, this technology is used for getting tickets, passes and opening doors, etc... The process of check-in and check-out can be made through mobile device without any fuss.
nfc technology in hotels

Smartphone key system:
Keyless entry system / digital hotel room key works with the help of mobile app. At the time of check-in, you need to enroll your phone by installing an app. On the day of accommodation at the hotel room, some kind of encrypted code is sent to your app along with other information such as room number, etc... Just hold the phone near your room door to unlock it. This system is better than the older version of magnetic card swiping.

smart phone keyless entry in hotels

Mirror televisions:

Hotel customers can watch TV in the mirrors at any places such as bathroom, swimming pool, sauna, etc. Mirror televisions are controlled from centralised location, usually the booking reception or other main places. It is a technically-advanced facility that improves the sophistication and elegance of hotel rooms.
mirror tv in hotel

Advanced online booking & feedback system:

Think about booking a hotel room by calling the customer care manually. Many people just ignore the hotels which provide manual booking because they don't know anything about the exact amenities and features of your accommodation area. Online hotel booking system / hotel booking software helps in reducing the stressful workload of hotels by simplifying the management process. Customers can book your hotel via multiple online channels. You can list out all the features in reservation section and it is possible to provide discounts / attractive deals for early bookings.

Apart from the online booking system, a hotel website should have efficient feedback system (either integrated with social media channels or other mediums). It helps the customers to give ratings and reviews for the services offered in a hotel. Good feedback is very important to improve the trust score among the customers.

Smart appliances:
Smart appliances will no doubt have a greater influence in the future. It is a technology which connects your smart phone device to appliances such as air conditioners, alarms, TV, light switches and other hotel room equipment. Guests can download mobile-based applications and access hotel room equipment from their smart phone device / tablet.

smart appliances in hotel

Business websites with virtual reality:

Virtual reality is becoming very popular these days due to advancement in viewing technology. People can know about what a hotel room looks like, before they reserve the bookings. It helps to fine-tune their decision process. Most of the international hotels, resorts and B&Bs offer virtual reality tour in their website pages. Virtual reality provides 360 degree panoramic view photos, slideshows or videos. It is a realistic experience about your property.