Inventory Management

Inventory management lets hoteliers to automate their processes systematically online. This saves your time and reduces over booking of rooms.

Room Types: With this feature you can define the available suits and introduce them to make booking based on their preferences. Updated room types will only be displayed on your website and other channels. This is the first step after registration.

Rate plan: Setup inventory for the room types and create different rate plans with freebies. Create promotional codes for particular plans and encourage people to book your rooms and make sure they are coming back.

online hotel booking software


Property Management system

Reports can be taken for your hotel by location or revenue or sales. Reports can be taken for a particular period of time. Bookings report helps you find out the number of bookings for a particular time period. The location from where bookings are made can also be reported. Annual Sales report can also be used to understand the revenue pattern for each year. Daily Reports for number of arrivals, departures and people who are currently checked in on that particular day can be viewed.

Marketing Features

online hotel booking software

Keeping your customers updated is very essential for any business. Reaching the right audience is also important to increase your sales and profit. 4D Hotel booking software provides the option to send promotional mails or bulk mails to customers and keep them informed about any updates or offers. Sending such emails can be done with minimum IT skills.

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