Hotel Master

Manage all your hotel information and operational hours, check-in, check–out time here.

Admin will have the access to add images of hotel interiors and update the information at any time.

Property Management system

Rate & Inventory

Channel manager software

Add your room types and manage your inventory. Bookon4d allows you to manage the booking packages bookings by fine tuning rate plans and discounts.

Location map

Let your customers find you on Google maps, our software allows you to locate your hotel on maps by entering your longitude and latitude. This will be shown to the customers at the time of booking to plan their travel accordingly.

Hotel management Software

Cancellation Policy

online hotel booking software

No predefined cancellation policies are there. Hotel admin can set up customized cancellation policy. Customers can cancel their bookings online and refund will be credited to them based on the hotel's policies.p>

Our Other Products

Hotel Booking Engine

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Hall Booking

Event Booking

Spa/ Salon Booking

Yoga and Fitness Booking

Restaurant Booking

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