PPC Campaigns

PPC Campaign is about attracting traffic to your website from various sources like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. With such campaigns you are charged when your when someone clicks on your ads.

Our digital marketing service covers PPC campaigns also. With the help of qualified professionals, we can help you maximise ROI on PPC campaigns and help manage the campaigns on a daily / weekly basis. We constantly monitor the performance of the ad campaigns and suggest improvements to get the expected results. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation.

Ad copy

All our ad copies are designed by our experts to give a softer touch to make it more appealing to your audiences. We strictly follow search engine algorithms to get the first place on search engines. Search engine visitors should get the relevant ad with respect to their search query.

Landing Pages

It is a lead capture page or a page which appears on clicking through online adverts or search engine results. The purpose of a landing page is to convert the website visitors into meaningful leads.

We specialize in

Hotel Booking Engine

Search advertising – is where your ad shown on the top and right side of search results

Hotel management Software

Dynamic search advertising – is a type of ad which automatically created by customer search queries and the content of your website.

Property Management system

Display advertising is image and banner ads displays on related pages of Google partners websites.

online hotel booking software

Social media campaigning – is offering ad services to bring visitors to your website from social media users.

Channel manager software

Remarketing – is targeting the people who visit your hotel website earlier.

Hotel management Software

Conversion optimization – is showing ads to people who are likely to be converted.

Our Other Products

Hotel Booking Engine

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Spa/ Salon Booking

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